Breakthrough Drilling Technology

Canopus Drilling Solutions

Innovate with impact

Enabling the drilling of long horizontal wells and short-radius multilaterals for enhanced geothermal productivity.

Canopus Drilling Solutions offers unique drilling for deep well construction

The Canopus drilling technology

    Enables the drilling of long multilateral drainage structures,
    enhancing the productivity of geothermal reservoirs by a factor 2 to 6

    Opens up many geothermal development opportunities
    Offers effective solutions for reviving existing, closed-in oil & gas wells and turning them into geothermal wells

    The Intellectual Property position of Canopus Drilling Solutions is unique. The technology is ready for field applications except for the steering. The steering unit will be ready for commercial operations in two years' time.
    Canopus Drilling Solutions will provide the hardware and will train operators or will arrange trained operators as desired
  • xisting, closed-in Oil&Gas wells can be revived or turned into Geothermal Wells

Photos above

First row left to right:
1) The 15 cm diameter Abrasive Jet Bit made up on the drill floor
2) 3D model of the 2.9 inch diameter AJD bit
3) Jetdrilled S-curve in Hard Belgian limestone demonstrating the steering capability and the bore hole wall quality

Second row left to right:
4) The continuous dual vessel particle injection system (property of the TNO Research Centre of Sustainable Geo-Energy, RCSG )
5) Jetted rock samples